The ~fastest~ way to make meta tags

With MetaMaker, you will never have to worry about metatags again. Wanna set your site's description on Google or make a Discord embed for your site? This website allows you to do just that, the easy way.

| After copying, put this code in your head tag.

Webpage name*

The name of your website.


The name of your website, and some short text that describes your website is recommended.


A concise description of your site. Don't put too much here, put that on your website.


A direct URL that leads to the webpage these meta tags are going to go on.

Twitter username

Your Twitter username without the @.


A URL with an image that represents your website. This can be your site's icon or some other image. PNG or JP(E)G recommended, but should work on all image files.

Primary language

Put the 2 digit language code of your website's primary used language. For example en for English, or fr for French.

Theme color

This color is the color of the search bar on Chrome Mobile, and shows on Discord when your link is sent in chat. Supports a hex color value.